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QWOP Unblocked

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QWOPqwopOlympic Games is a huge event in the world. Countries are competing against each other not just for the medals but also for the glory that comes along with it. With QWOP, you can be part of the Olympics and be the pride of your homeland. At Our website you can find unblocked version of this game where you can play for free Qwop Unblocked is ready for you. Main goal Of the game Qwop Unblocked is, with this game, the player acts as the country’s representative for the Olympic Games. The event is running. The goal is to continue running without stumbling or falling until you reach the finish line. The distance that youshould run is 100 meters. If you are able to do this successfully, you earn yourself the most coveted Champion Cup. There are four keys that you can use to control the player: QWOP. Now this answers the question why the game is called QWOP. These four keys are your way to winning the Olympics’ Champion Cup. Each key has a different function. Q and W are used to control the thigh and O and P are used to control the calves. To move the player’s right thigh forward, you hit the Q key. To move the left thigh forward, you hit the W key. If you want to move the player’s right calf forward, you use the P key and if you want to move the left calf forward, you use the O key. You can combine the four keys in any way you want as long as you are able to move to your goal. There are many ways to get to the 100 meter mark and you can be as tactical and creative as you like. Your best distance will be displayed on the screen and you can practice as many times as you want to improve your distance. QWOP Unlocked allows you to run as competitively as you can using different game strategies.

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